SPTimers - powerfull addon for everyone!

Download v3.5.2
Legion v3.6.1

Contain Spell timers. Cast Bars, Cooldown Line. Cooldown Splash. Trinkets ICD.
Fully customizable. Borders, Colors, Fading, Glowing, Textures. Fonts, LibSharedMedia Support.

Custom Spell Bars tags:
%tN - target name
%spell - spell name
%sN - source name
%stacks - number of stacks
%val[1-3] - aura specific number value. Vengeance amount or shield absorb amount %tickcount - amout ticks left ( for dots or hots )

Time formats:
1,2,119,29.9 1,2,119/300,29.99/300
1:11,59,10,1 1:11,59.1,10.2,1.1

Specific features:

Smooth spell bars.
Cooldown fadein/fadeout animation.
Unlimited amount of bars anchors.
Anchor per unit.
Show ticks and cast time overlay.


Q: Why SPTimers?
A: I am shadow priest.

Q: Is it updated ForteXorcist?
A: No. Its fully independent project.

Q: How to open option settings?
A: Minimap icon with shadow word pain icon. Chat command /sptimers. Any databroker addon.

Q: Does it support dual spec?
A: Yes.

Q: I dont find my question there. Where i can find you?
A: http://howtopriest.com/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=5480

Q: Any features incoming?
A: For Shadow priest Yes. For others classes? I dont know.

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